Mini Program + Web Design

July 2018 to August 2018


Product design, WeChat development


Sketch, Figma, WeChat IDE, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Ubisoft Shanghai

is the second largest Chinese development studio, and Ubisoft ‘s second largest studio behind Ubisoft Montreal. Held annually in Shanghai, China, ChinaJoy or China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference is a digital entertainment expo is the largest gaming and digital entertainment exhibition held in China and Asia.

ChinaJoy Boasted 340,000 + Visitors From All Over The World

WeChat is the social, financial, and cultural infrastructure that everyday China relies on.

With the advent of WeChat Mini Programs, Ubisoft Shanghai shared a vision of a community united through the excitement and passion of China Joy.

Ubisoft ChinaJoy

The User Stories

Users would be able to book demos, enter in lucky draw lotteries for limited edition prizes, share event posts, or look up and stream scheduled live shows and other events.

As for Ubisoft Shanghai, they would be able to collect information on attendees, and be able to reach out and connect the China community to their official WeChat page.

Lucky Draw Design

“In the gaming mega-brand’s first-ever ChinaJoy Mini Program, fans can participate in all aspects of the Ubisoft ChinaJoy experience”

WeChat Global

The Process

I worked with the Ubisoft Shanghai creative, marketing, and mobile development teams to draft UX workflows, design UI elements, and provide some front-end consulting for the WeChat framework.

UI Workflow

The Deliverables

I provided a full PDF UX map with labelled Sketch artboards & 3 edit rounds. I also provided all UI components and unique graphics specific to the Mini Program (i.e. icons for each of Ubisoft’s games, the lucky draw backdrop).

Ubisoft Icons

Try It

While the mini program is in ‘post-event’ mode, you can still check out the newsfeed for this past year’s China Joy. Scan the QR code below through WeChat.

WeChat QR Code