Let's Go


October 2019 to November 2019


User experience design, user interaction design, front-end development, REST API


Javascript, HTML, CSS, Google Firebase

Using Technology To Go Off-Line

Trump’s administration had started defunding national parks; this inspired me to use the National Parks Service API to create a tool to find and explore America’s national parks— and the hikes, rock climbs, and camp sites accessible near or in each park.

I also looked towards Patagonia and REI brands as leaders in using digital campaigns to encourage their communities to go off -screen and off-grid in a positive way.

The Challenges

I coded in vanilla Javascript to create this web app.

Design challenges included: creating a consistent experience despite the vast differences in photo qualities for each park profile; I landed on creating a full background photo experience to encourage the excitement of discovering or visiting a national park and hopefully highlighting their unique, natural features.


I created icons for a better summary of the weather, hikes, camps, and climbs.

Let's Go Climbing Problems powered by Mountain Project

Let's Go Hiking Trails powered by Hiking Project

Let's Go Map powered by Google Maps

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