ORM Fertility

Mini Program + Web Development

May 2019 to January 2020


Product design, user interaction design, user experience design, WeChat development, front end development


WXML, WXSS, WeChat components, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript

A New Beginning in China

ORM Fertility was laying down roots in Shanghai; as they looked to grow their marketing arm independent of local partners, they wanted a way to take ownership over their community. Building a WeChat Mini Program would provide them a direct way to market their services in the WeChat ecosystem; it would significantly decrease friction for people to share information on ORM as well as provide valuable insights and analytics.

Mini Program home/index page

Product Design

ORM Fertility already had a WeChat Official Account, so I had to work with them to figure out how the mini program would fit in with their current marketing workflow and team resources. We went through a discovery phase, where I provided examples of different information-heavy mini programs and illustrated certain strengths and weaknesses of the mini program framework. We coasted through three user experience design rounds and user interaction design rounds.

Mini Program service page, doctor profile, about page, and Oregon businesses

Front End Development

One of the most exciting phases of the project is where I take my designs and step into the front-end developer role to bring them to life. Working in the WeChat IDE, the framework has evolved with “React” features, so I organized all the front-end code into functional and higher-order components.

Mini Program Event Index, Family index, and contact page

Desktop web administration page: edit services and business profile

Currently Deploying…

Currently, the project is in the process of being deployed onto Chinese servers beyond the Great Firewall.